Annie Sloan – Chalk Paint Lacquer – Clear Gloss 750ml

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Chalk Paint Lacquer - Clear Gloss

Annie Sloan - Chalk Paint Lacquer is quick drying, non-toxic, has very little odour, and is non-yellowing. This strong water-based floor varnish is made specifically to cover Chalk Paint™ ⎯ perfect for wood or concrete surfaces. It gives a beautiful matte finish with a slight sheen for added strength.


Take the Annie Sloan Approach

"For the ultimate smooth and modern finish, apply thinly with one of my Flat Brushes"  - Annie Sloan

Get Started

After painting with Chalk Paint, ensure your surface is dry and dust-free.  Open your tin and give it a stir, making sure the good stuff that may have sunk to the bottom is well mixed.  For best results, apply two thin coats with an Annie Sloan Sponge Roller or Flat Brush.  Let the first coat dry for one to two hours before applying a second thin coat.  Leave to dry overnight before use.  Curing time for maximum protection occurs over 14 days.  Allow a longer drying time in cold conditions.  For outdoor use, ensure all surfaces have been thoroughly sealed.

In some cases, Lacquer can draw out tannins of stains from the previous finish.  Always test Chalk Paint and Lacquer in several areas before starting your project.


Clean Brushes with soap and warm water immediately after use.  To maintain your finish, clean with a damp cloth, using mild soapy water, avoiding harsh chemicals.  Exposure to extreme weather conditions, heat or steam, may require additional upkeep.  Reapply as and when necessary.

Available in 750ml tin.

Coverage 204 square feet

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Dimensions 23.5 × 11 × 11 cm