Since Annie Sloan's "Chalk Paint™"  brand of paint came into the North American marketplace in 2010, there has been a myriad of other decorative paints flood the decor market claiming to be "Chalk Paint" and markets their product as such and claim that their "Chalk Paint" is the best out there!  Let's look a little closer at these marketing tactics and dissect the situation to make some sense of it all!

Brand vs. Type of Paint

As you know, we are a proud Stockist of Annie Sloan Paint since 2012 better known as Chalk Paint™.....yes, note there is the ™ after the name which stands for Trademark.  Simply put, Chalk Paint™ is a "brand" of paint and not a "type" of paint.  Just like Benjamin Moore is a brand, Sherwin Williams is a brand, and Behr paint from Home Depot is a brand, Chalk Paint™ is a brand.   You'll notice that any other paint manufacturer that claim they sell "Chalk Paint™" don't have Chalk Paint™ in the name of their product.  Why?  Because they don't hold the trademark for Chalk Paint™.  But funny enough, they will tell people that they sell Chalk Paint™ and because Chalk Paint™ sounds generic, and they feel that it's ok to market their paint as Chalk Paint™.

Annie Sloan called her paint "Chalk Paint™" for the reason that after the paint dries and before it's waxed, it has a really chalky matte feel.  It was not named due to any of the ingredients.  We have no idea of what ingredients are in the paint (maybe other than water, as it's water based) where calcium carbonate (better known as chalk) may or may not be an ingredient.    

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But they told me it's Chalk Paint...!

So this is where the confusion of what is "Chalk Paint™" comes into play.  We have customers come into our shop every week saying "Yeah, I've used Chalk Paint but it didn't do what they claimed it was supposed to do.  It didn't cover very well at all, it was as thick as tar, and the topcoat finish isn't really nice at all".  As stockists, as soon as someone says they've used chalk paint and a topcoat, we ask them, "Did you use Annie Sloan's Paint"?  The answer that always comes back is " was another Chalk Paint".  At this point, we explain to them about the Chalk Paint™ brand as we've just explained here.  Most people then understand, but some don't and remain confused.  

The confused ones say "The place where I bought the paint, told me it was Chalk Paint and that Annie Sloan's Paint is very expensive and that you're just paying for the name".  This is simply not true.  They soon find out that Annie Sloan's Paint is similar price and in many cases less expensive than the other brand they used.  The light starts to come on in their head and they are now very pleasantly surprised with this new information.  

Chalk Paint™ - What's on the Label?

Let's look close at the label.  You'll notice on the Annie Sloan can in the picture above, that it clearly says Chalk Paint™.  Why?  Because that's Annie's brand of paint and her Trademark.   Other brands of paint simply put a twist on the name but most include some form of the word "chalk" on the label.  Why you ask?  Because they need to compare it to Annie Sloan's paint and lead people to believe that all of these paints are the same.  We couldn't disagree more.  We've tried other brands of paint and our customers have tried other brands of decorative paint and they always come back and say to us "Annie Sloan's Paint is the best'!

Interview with a Potential Employee for an Annie Sloan Stockist...

One of the Annie Sloan Stockists has shared with us this recent interview with a potential employee for their boutique.

Today I hired a new employee. She claimed to be someone who has painted many pieces and used Chalk Paint™. I assumed she meant Annie Sloan's paint.

Here are some of the questions we never really get to ask some of our clients as it's sometimes a delicate situation. Or they may never feel the need to visit us!

Me: So what projects have you done with Annie's Paint?
Her: None! (Me shocked!) Isn’t it all the same? That's what I've been told!
Me: Do you feel that all Chalky finished paints are created equal!
Her: Yes
Me: So if you have never used Annie's paint, I assume you have never used the wax?
Her: No. I was told it cannot hold up and many have told me to use a water-based varnish.
Me: Have you used XYZ Paint?
Her: Yes, but never again… it just peeled off like rubber!
Me: What other brands have you used?
Her: All of them except Annie's.
Me: Why?
Her: Too expensive and I was told it's all the same. I also make my own!
Me: Did you know Annie's paint is not a latex base?
Her: It isn't? Well what is it?

Me: Just wait and see...and I will show you the difference!

Me: What type of coverage do you get from other brands?
Her: Usually, it takes a good 3-4 coats to cover!
Me: I explained all the benefits and coverage...
She said, “Really! I was told you are paying for the name only and it's all the same!!”
Me: Have you visited an Annie Sloan Stockist?
Her: No, you are my first!
Me: Why?
Her: I assumed it is all the same!
Me: Have you done any projects with fabric?
Her: Yes, but hated the feel...never again! It turned out horrible! I won't mention the brand!

We all know this to be the problem as clients are left to believe it's all the same!! We had a very frank conversation about brand confusion.

She left with a purchase of Old white!

Many clients may never step foot in our boutiques so we cannot let them know there is a difference! This is old news but it was quite enlightening for her!

I am anxious to show her all the benefits of Annie's paint!

I just wanted to share... In hopes that perhaps it gives insight to potential clients that may never visit an Annie Sloan stockist. 🙂

If the client is standing in front of me I can explain the difference but for some we never really get the chance to do this!

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